Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance pays for extended care in a nursing home or at your own home. This care goes well beyond traditional medical care and nursing care to include all the assistance you could need if a chronic illness or disability leaves you unable to care for yourself for an extended period of time. It is estimated by the year 2026, the population of Americans ages 65 and older will double to 71.5 million over 12 million of these citizens will need long term care assistance. Most will be cared for by family members and friends; but a study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services indicates that people that people age 65 or older face at least a 40 percent lifetime risk of entering a nursing home (with an average national cost of $46,000 per year).

In general, neither Medicare nor private Medicare supplement insurance nor the health insurance you may have, either on your own or through your employer, will pay for long-term care.

You may never need a nursing home. But the longer you live, the greater that chance that you will need some form of long-term care. We can help you determine if this type of insurance makes sense for you or a parent, and which type of policy will best meet your needs. To learn more or to receive a quote please contact us by calling (909) 861-2500, or email us at: quote@livingstoneinsurance.com.